Adrenal testosterone

Researchers have noted that a typical pattern is increased ACTH (to the stress of overtraining) which leads to decreased sensitivity to the same and so cortisol levels, initially increased, start to fall.  Eventually, ACTH levels actually start to decrease as well, exemplifying a kind of "fatigue" or "exhaustion" response. [4]  Remember:  our bodies were built to walk.  High octane men do not like to walk and often speak of it as a "waste of time" and in a derogatory manner.  But, like it or not, we weren't meant to be Formula One or Indy every day. 

[Continued from above] . . first line of defense and response to physical and emotional stresses. The adrenal glands are shaped like the French Emperor Napoleon's hat and, just as Napoleon's three-cornered hat sat on his head, so each gland is perched on each of the kidneys. These glands are about one to two inches in length; they weigh only a fraction of an ounce each yet are among the most productive of all of the body's glands, secreting more than three dozen hormones. The adrenal cortex takes instruction from the pituitary glands and have important effects on physical characteristics, development and growth. The adrenal gland has two parts. The cortex, or outer, yellow layer, takes its instructions from the pituitary hormone ACTH. The hormones secreted here are called steroids and have three main types: those which control the balance of sodium and potassium in the body; those which raise the level of sugar in the blood; and sex hormones. The inner, reddish brown layer of the adrenal gland (the adrenal medulla) makes two types of hormones; this part of the adrenal gland takes its instruction from the nervous system, producing chemicals which react to fear and anger and are sometimes called fight or flight hormones.

Vitamin D level has been 16 for a cpl yes now. My Dr. gave me vitamin D2 (plus it causes other symptoms) which did nothing for me either time she prescribed it. I later found out that D3 is better absorbed by the body- I plan to go to a Alternative Physician Feb 7th to have my labs drawn.
It’s been my experience that medical doctors don’t want to test for vitamin def.
My lingering issue is urinating frequently. Sometimes every hour (no infection gng on either- been gng on for abt 3 yrs. I’ve asked many Dr’s. and they have no idea- along with having hot flashes when my bladder wld get full. This goes on day & night-so to say I am sleeping soundly wld be a major stretch. I recently read an article that said the adrenals cold be the culprit. Can’t wait to get results from the labs this new Dr will draw. I’m soon to be 55 if the if anybody else has experienced the freq urination/hot flash combination?

Adrenal testosterone

adrenal testosterone


adrenal testosteroneadrenal testosteroneadrenal testosteroneadrenal testosteroneadrenal testosterone