Benefits of taking testosterone pills

Thank you for your devotion to help others.
I recently started taking serrapeptase, but want to know if you have any knowledge of Pyroluria? This discovery may have saved my life, being tested for Pyroluria after lifetime of extreme anxiety and then severe depression the last ten years. Unable and not wanting to fry my brain with toxic synthetic drugs, the addition of more zinc and B6 (P5P) (for me a TON due to severity of depletion) and some supplementary minerals for this increase in Zinc has been finally improving my health.
The toxic withdrawal of copper and other metals from my body/brain has been hellacious, but I’m actually having livable days, first in many years. So my question is , what are your thoughts on serrapeptase and nattokinase dosing as very important amino acids to help repair one’s brain receptors for serotonin uptake naturally when on a strong Pyroluria protocol? Again, no meds are needed for pyrolurics, but lifetime need for larger than normal doses of zinc and B6 (P5P is safer than Regular B6 to avoid the neuro damage hi doses B6 can cause)
This Pyroluria knowlege has been a phenomenal discovery for those families struggling with autism, asbergers, depressions, anger, anxiety, etc! I think that additional amino acids could prove also essential in the recovery protocol as well. Your thoughts greatly appreciated! Thank you again for your devotion to helping others.

I’m not good with wheat, so I needed a GF recipe for a wrap that wasn’t just potato/rice is very easy:
1 wrap: Combine 3 tbsp ground linseed, 1/4 tsp each of baking powder, onion salt, paprika. Beat with 1 tbsp melted coconut oil, 1 tbsp water and 1 large egg. Press the mixture onto a greased glass or plastic plate and microwave at full power (800W) for 2 minutes 30 seconds. Leave to cool for a few minutes, then ease off with a fish slice. Flip over and add your savoury filling of choice.
This makes a substantial lunch dish! I was nervous the first time about the effect of such a large dose of linseed, but all was fine. I get by with 3 of these per week.
(It’s OK kept in the fridge wrapped in clingfilm for a couple of days.)

Be rigorous about fostering serendipity. You’re not going to discover interesting paths by only asking the questions you already know how to pose. Time, and energy, has to be dedicated to finding the unexpected. For us, that meant connecting the dots across internal teams doing work that they didn’t initially see as related. It meant bringing internal teams together with external thinkers/projects. And it meant moving teams out of their comfort zones and into unexpected spaces and conversations (at universities, at conferences, and on other such field trips.)

Benefits of taking testosterone pills

benefits of taking testosterone pills


benefits of taking testosterone pillsbenefits of taking testosterone pillsbenefits of taking testosterone pillsbenefits of taking testosterone pillsbenefits of taking testosterone pills