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Paul Brown Stadium may be much nicer than the Bengals’ previous home, but it has one major drawback: The Bengals have never won a playoff game there, despite hosting four first-round games between 2005 and 2015. (To be fair, they’ve gone 0-3 on the road in that same timeframe.) Sightlines from inside the stadium – which is situated on the north bank of the Ohio River, just across from Kentucky – allow fans to know they’re in Cincinnati. The Bengals have been making recent improvements, including the creation of a new VIP area right next to the players’ tunnel, where they stream out from the locker room. The stadium seats 65,515 with parking in nearby garages and lots.

Recent years were dominated by head coach Andy Reid, who managed the Eagles for 14 straight seasons from 1999 to 2012 and was responsible for six of their division titles. He was followed briefly by the unpopular Chip Kelly, who traded star rusher LeSean McCoy in 2014; now the Eagles are getting back on track under the guidance of former Kansas City Chiefs man, Doug Pederson. Can he succeed where Andy Reid and even Buck Shaw failed, and win a Super Bowl for Philadelphia? Eagles fans, who are regularly voted the loudest, most loyal and the most energetic in the NFL, will be hoping that this is the season they finally break through.

What should the GOP be thinking of now, as a political priority? Be more human. Show a felt sympathy for those trying to rise. Align yourself with the culturally disheartened. Be on the side—as the party was since its inception, and now seems not to be—of Main Street, not Wall Street. Take a new and honest look at impediments to the American Dream. Figure out why people don’t feel so upwardly mobile anymore. Be for populism without the bitterness, and patriotism minus mindless nationalism. And show respect—more than that, protectiveness—toward the economic system that made America rich. Republicans always think everyone favors economic freedom. But an entire generation has risen since the crash of 2008. They’ve never even heard a defense of capitalism. They’ve never heard anyone speak well of it.

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