Can women have testosterone

Dr. Sherry Ross: Hands-free orgasms for women can happen while you sleep. Unlike men, women’s sexual desire, excitement and energy tend to begin in that great organ above the shoulders, rather than the one below the waist. A woman’s orgasm is mainly psychologically driven. This also applies to orgasm happening while you sleep. A sex dream awakens the brains, which starts the cascade effect leading to orgasm. Often sexual dreams can begin a sexual response ending in an orgasm. Some women will wake themselves up to feeling rhythmic vaginal contractions and wetness.

The geriatric population is more sexually active than most people think. Yes, elderly women can have orgasms post menopause as orgasms are achieved through mechanical stimulation rather than hormonal changes. Elderly people enjoy sex activity just like anyone else and as long as they are safe with their methods and are aware of certain health conditions, they can take measures to ensure pleasurable activities.
A little fact: STD incidence has increased dramatically in the elderly population due to lack of protection [condoms]. Because fertility is no longer an issue post menopause, the use of condoms is decreased and because a lot of elderly people are also immunocompromised [weakened immune system] and/or have other health issues [like diabetes for example = prolonged healing time], their signs and symptoms may vary.
This brings up an interesting topic of conversation for your [and everyone else's folks]: Time for the sex talk but this time around, you’re informing your elders. It is an important conversation to have because a lot of old fashioned ideas of protection have changed over the last 30+ years. It may be an uncomfortable conversation – giving your folks “the talk” but it may save them a lot of unnecessary treatment down the line.

Can women have testosterone

can women have testosterone


can women have testosteronecan women have testosteronecan women have testosteronecan women have testosteronecan women have testosterone