Cost of testosterone test

As we age, hormone levels naturally decline in our bodies. Hormones are responsible for a variety of bodily functions, including aging, weight loss, mood, memory and libido, and hormone tests can indicate issues that could affect these areas. Our cheap, convenient and confidential hormone level testing can determine what your hormonal levels are and whether you need to do something to replace them. Order a lab test today and know if low levels of hormones such as testosterone, estrogen and progesterone are affecting your ability to live a young and healthy life!

This  assay  is  useful  for  evaluation  of men  with  signs  and  symptoms  of possible  Hypogonadism  like  loss  of libido,  erectile  dysfunction, gynecomastia  &  infertility.  It  is  also useful  in  evaluation  of  boys  with delayed  or  precocious  puberty.  The assay  can  be  used  to  monitor  anti- androgen  therapy  as  in  prostate  cancer, precocious  puberty  &  male  to  female transgender  disorders.  It  helps  to evaluate  infants  with  ambiguous genitalia  or virilization.  The  assay  can serve  as  an  adjunct  in  the  diagnosis  of androgen  secreting  tumors.

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Cost of testosterone test

cost of testosterone test


cost of testosterone testcost of testosterone testcost of testosterone testcost of testosterone testcost of testosterone test