Decanted perfume

A friend gave me her half-used bottle of Allure. The first notes that hit my nose made me think the perfume has been badly stored for too long, it seemed to have that 'old scent gone bad'-aroma. But it took just a while that it disappeared and the scent started to bloom beautifully.

Allure is very rich in nuances, no single note stands out, everything is well blended. Vanilla brings some sensual touch to it, but Allure remains elegant and only subtly sensual.
I like the way the scent developes on my skin from something sharp into something soft and elegant.

I'm going to call this my little Angel. ;)
Mmmmmm, Chopard Wish, although unique in its own right, is sooo similar to Angel.
I think I might like this better because IMO it is easily wearable for all occasions and seasons, where Angel on my skin and in my climate, is limited to cooler weather and only evenings.
I am always hesitant to wear Angel for everyday wear because it is too strong to wear in an office or close knit work environment(I've been advised) =0 because of it being a sillage monster.
CW, although strong enough to please me, does not offend anyone around me thus far.
I love the caramel and vanilla notes in this one because they do not come across as synthetic.
The honey note is sweet and very realistic.
The patch in CW although sharp and distinct, is well done and more earthy.
The dry down on Wish is a tad powdery. I LOVE the powdery aspect of this fragrance. It is enveloping and very comforting to me.
I think Chopard Wish is an elegantly composed fragrance, masterfully mixed.
I am very pleased with this purchase...kudos to all you fragranticans who left such detailed and great reviews. I trusted your opinions and based my blind buy off of your expertise!
Chopard Wish is a ♥♥♥♥♥ for me!
The bottle is so elegant, a nice addition to any collection.
Outstanding longevity and sillage

Decanted perfume

decanted perfume


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