Does hcg increase testosterone

People who want to lose 15 pounds or less will need 20 days of HCG treatment followed by 3 extra days of the low calorie meal plan. People who need to lose more than 15 pounds will need 40 HCG treatments followed by 3 extra days of the low calorie meal plan. If you still need to lose more weight, you need to wait 4 weeks and control your foods before starting a new HCG cycle. People become temporarily immune to the effects of HCG after 40 days of HCG treatment, skipping an injection once or twice a week helps prolong the HCG immunity factor. Skip the same day(s) each week!

I have completed a round and am in the process of another round with HCG. Even after loading, I’m under my last injection weight after shedding 45 pounds with a additional 6 pounds lost during the 3rd and 4th phases. I decided to do the 2nd round to get near my normal weight of 160-165. It does make you more aware of what you eat and how much. Most people don’t think of the number of calories they take in, much less where the calories come from. I followed the protocol to the letter and found the results exactly as described in Dr. Simeon’s book “Pounds and Inches”. I haven’t any side effects, and know that the process of abnormal fat utilization to be true as I had blood work done for a yearly check up that showed a high fat level and when I had it checked again after finishing the injections, my blood was normal. I suffered no hunger, other than when I needed to eat. My stamina was great. If you follow the protocol with no deviation, from my experience, you’ll be happy with the results. I have maintained my weight for 3 months after finishing my 1st round. You can’t cheat on this, and it be effective. You can’t go back to old eating habits that contributed to your issues and not expect to gain weight back. The boring staple of food you take in for the 500 calories is for a short period of time, the daily trip to the scales makes it worth it. I’m not trying to sell this diet to you or anyone. I am a satisfied participant in the protocol. I got out of it what I was looking for, fat loss. It does work.

A concerned reader wrote to our medical directors about one of our articles she found online titled “Homeopathic HCG Drops Not Recommended as a Safe Weight Loss Method”.  Our medical directors from Inches and Pounds responded by beginning a national campaign to educate all hcg dieters about the potential dangers of following a medically un-supervised 500 calorie diet program using a product from distributors claiming that they are selling “ HCG ” for weight loss .  The following is a synopsis of our reader’ s letter to our physicians concerning her potential current health status.

“ I found your article on the internet and based on the information I read, I think I ’ve probably been “duped” by a purchase of homeopathic drops.

Does hcg increase testosterone

does hcg increase testosterone


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