Equipoise definition legal

Special instructions:
The safety and efficacy in children has not been established.
Women with retseptorootritsatelnoy tumor estrogen efficacy of Arimidex drug ® has not been demonstrated, except in cases where there was a previous positive clinical response to tamoxifen.
In case of doubt in the hormonal status of the patient menopause must be confirmed by the definition of sex hormones in the blood serum.
There are no data on the use of Arimidex drug ® in patients with moderate or severe hepatic impairment and in patients with severe renal insufficiency (creatinine clearance less than 20 ml / min).
in the case of persistent uterine bleeding in patients receiving Arimidex drug ® needed consultation and supervision of the gynecologist.
preparations containing estrogens should not be administered concurrently with the drug Arimidex ® , since these drugs will neutralize its pharmacological effect.
By reducing the level of circulating estradiol, Arimidex ® can cause a reduction in bone mineral density with a consequent increase in fracture risk.
Patients with such a high risk should be treated according to the Instructions on the treatment of data of complications.
In patients with osteoporosis or with risk of osteoporosis, bone mineral density should be assessed by densitometry eg, DEXA scan (Dual-Energy X-ray absorptiometry – dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry) at the beginning of the treatment and in dynamics. If necessary, must be initiated to treat or prevent osteoporosis, under the close supervision of a physician.
No data on the concomitant use of definition of equipoise and drug-analogues LHRH.
Unknown improves whether definition of equipoise treatment results when used in conjunction with chemotherapy.
The data on the safety of long-term treatment with definition of equipoise are not yet available.
in applying the drug Arimidex ® more than tamoxifen observed ischemic disease, but the statistical significance is not observed.
The efficacy and safety Arimidex drug ® and tamoxifen for their simultaneous use, regardless of hormone receptor status are comparable to those using a single tamoxifen. The exact mechanism for this phenomenon is not yet known.

early 13c., "apparatus for weighing," from Old French balance (12c.) "balance, scales for weighing," also in the figurative sense; from Medieval Latin bilancia , from Late Latin bilanx , from Latin (libra) bilanx "(scale) having two pans," possibly from Latin bis "twice" + lanx "dish, plate, scale of a balance." The accounting sense is from 1580s; the meaning "general harmony between parts" is from 1732; sense of "physical equipoise" is from 1660s. Balance of power in the geopolitical sense is from 1701. Many figurative uses are from Middle English image of the scales in the hands of personified Justice, Fortune, Fate, etc.; . hang in the balance (late 14c.).

  1. 1 a condition in which opposing forces are equal to one another when participating in any dangerous sport, one should maintain an equipoise between fearless boldness and commonsense caution Synonyms counterpoise , equilibration , equilibrium , balance , poise , stasis Related Words counterbalance , offset ; firmness , fixedness , security , stability , steadiness Near Antonyms changeability , fluctuation , inconstancy , insecurity , instability , mutability , precariousness , shakiness , unsteadiness , volatility Antonyms disequilibration , disequilibrium , imbalance , nonequilibrium , unbalance

    Equipoise definition legal

    equipoise definition legal


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