Equipoise dosage frequency

I am glad you guys posted this. Thank you for sharing. I was on 200mg weekly shots of cypionate. I’ve had the best 6 months after I started the TRT treatment. After this period it went down hill. I noticed I could not sleep and somehow I developed anxiety. I had never experienced anxiety in my entire so this was new and quite shocking to me. I went to my regular doctor and he prescribed anxiety and sleeping pills. It has been a back and forth with my urologist that prescribed the TRT treatment but he’s never even brought up the estrogen topic. To ma things worse I have developed very bad acne in my back and shoulders. I just stopped the cypionate 10 days ago and asked for an estrogen test. I am not against TRT but based on my experience it has to be managed very well with someone that understands all possible angles and not only testosterone shots. I will post my results next week after checking latest lab work. If anyone wants to know more drop me an email.

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Equipoise dosage frequency

equipoise dosage frequency


equipoise dosage frequencyequipoise dosage frequencyequipoise dosage frequencyequipoise dosage frequencyequipoise dosage frequency