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Additionally, we do not store any card details at all, all payments are handled using a system of Tokenisation which is an industry-standard method of secure payment handling. When you place an order with us payment is either handled via your Paypal account or if you choose to pay by credit/debit card we create a "Token" with your payment details which is stored by the Bank payment gateway. When you return to make a purchase it basically reactivates the "Token" so no details need to be entered again and those details are not stored by us.

Polemic aside, much of Burke’s appeal in the Reflections derived from its timing. Burke was writing, in highly charged terms, at a moment when the Parisian mob’s violent treatment of the French royal family was particularly shocking to English readers. The passage in the Reflections that’s still remembered is his famous lament that “the age of chivalry is dead”, followed by his fervent account of Marie Antoinette’s downfall. (At the time of writing, neither she nor Louis XVI had been guillotined.) Burke’s idolisation of Marie Antoinette has been widely anthologised:

Equipoise rash

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