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Each cycle is sequenced for use with my diet, training and protocol. These cycles are fairly advanced and not necessary for use without my protocol. The timing issues are relevant, the compounds are used for specific reasons. This is the final chapter in the series. Every part of your off-season has been covered, from eating, to training, to cycling. The only other part of the equation is rest. Make sure to sleep 8-10 hours per night, taking naps during the day if possible. It is not unusual for a beginner to gain 30 or more pounds using my protocol, and I have had very advanced pro’s gain up to 20 pounds or more using this exact advanced protocol, guys who thought they were near their genetic maximum.

The doctor wrote "In my opinion, it is apparent that [the Veteran's] Type II Diabetes and the difficulties we have had controlling it thus far contribute to the severity of his [obstructive sleep apnea]." This opinion is supported by clinical data in the form of the cited research. As this positive opinion includes supporting clinical data, the Board finds it should be accorded more probative weight than the negative opinion flowing from the November 2006 VA examination.

The Board finds there is competent evidence of record of the current existence of sleep apnea, competent evidence of service-connected Type II diabetes mellitus and competent medical nexus evidence establishing a connection between the service-connected disability and the current disability.

See Wallin v. West, 11 Vet. App. 509, 512. Based on the above, the Board finds that the preponderance of the competent evidence of record demonstrates that the Veteran's currently existing sleep apnea is aggravated by his service-connected Type II diabetes mellitus. The Board is aware of the provisions of the Veterans Claims Assistance Act of 2000 (VCAA). However, the Board finds it does not need to determine if VA complied with the VCAA in the current case as the claim has been granted. There is no detriment to the Veteran in promulgating this decision without ensuring VCAA compliance.


Service connection for sleep apnea which is aggravated by Type II diabetes mellitus is granted, subject to the laws and regulations governing monetary awards.

BARBARA B. COPELAND Veterans Law Judge, Board of Veterans' Appeals
Department of Veterans Affairs

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Equipoise sleep

equipoise sleep


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