Equipoise vs testosterone

LET'S LOOK DEEPER Some facts in Millions Men on TRT 14 Men with Low T 14 Men on Statins 15 On Antidepressants There's More To A Man Than Testosterone Many men think it’s all about testosterone levels and we are here to show you otherwise. Find out what your testosterone replacement therapy program is missing.

  • Prescribed HCG If you’re on testosterone therapy you don’t need HCG right? IMT and our clients would disagree. HCG is a staple in our protocol and helps to avoid the suppression or reduction in the HPTA process, and the hormones that are produced by that process. If I were to tell you let’s take the alternator out of your car and we will just keep the engine on the whole time don’t worry about it, would that worry you? It should because it’s not likely that will be good for your car long term.
  • Estradiol Management Most men and their doctors overlook estrogen and the importance it has in the male body, but with an alarming amount of research on it it’s time to start taking your estrogen, and more importantly your estradiol much more seriously. Below you will learn about the benefits and negatives of this hormone and how it relates to men along with what IMT does to make sure your covered. We got your back! Even though androgens are the major sex steroids in men, their primacy in regulating the male skeletal remodeling system has been increasingly in question.
  • Growth Hormone IMT’s advanced regenerative peptide therapies will stimulate your natural growth hormone levels bringing them back to the reparative levels you had in your youth. These hexapeptides are the breakthrough in growth hormone optimization because they are safer and more effective than traditional recombinant growth hormone. Stimulating your natural growth hormone levels while on testosterone can have massive benefits. A study published in 2012 followed 3 groups of men.

    I am glad you guys posted this. Thank you for sharing. I was on 200mg weekly shots of cypionate. I’ve had the best 6 months after I started the TRT treatment. After this period it went down hill. I noticed I could not sleep and somehow I developed anxiety. I had never experienced anxiety in my entire so this was new and quite shocking to me. I went to my regular doctor and he prescribed anxiety and sleeping pills. It has been a back and forth with my urologist that prescribed the TRT treatment but he’s never even brought up the estrogen topic. To ma things worse I have developed very bad acne in my back and shoulders. I just stopped the cypionate 10 days ago and asked for an estrogen test. I am not against TRT but based on my experience it has to be managed very well with someone that understands all possible angles and not only testosterone shots. I will post my results next week after checking latest lab work. If anyone wants to know more drop me an email.

    Equipoise vs testosterone

    equipoise vs testosterone


    equipoise vs testosteroneequipoise vs testosteroneequipoise vs testosteroneequipoise vs testosteroneequipoise vs testosterone