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A study that was published out of Israel last year compared how 7 different commercial bug repellants fared against each other. As you’d expect it, the All-Natural Essential Oil Mosquito Repellent (which is a blend of cinnamon, eugenol, geranium, peppermint, and lemongrass oils) was tied as the most effective mosquito repellant with OFF!® (which is loaded with toxic chemicals like DEET). A further study showed that peppermint oil resulted in 150 minutes of complete protection time against mosquitos, with just mL of oil applied on the arms.( 6 ) The researchers noted that after 150 minutes, the efficacy of peppermint oil decreased, and needed to be reapplied.

I sometimes imagine what China would have looked like if Chiang Kai Shek had won the Chinese Civil War. So forgive me when I don't particularly hold the CIA in any high regard. They overthrow the government of Greece... but allow Mao to grab all of China and Chiang is lucky to escape with his life. It's not that Chiang was any particular humanitarian, not by a stretch, but he was more in the Park Chung Hee mold and had great aspirations for China, very early. The Taiwanese computer industry was up and running before the US's computer industry was and forging Taiwan into an industrial powerhouse beat the commie fucktards by 60 years, while the only practical use the commies could find for the peasant class was digging their own graves and blowing their brains out. Now we allow the offspring of these genocidal maniacs to carry the fortunes they built ripping off their own country to turn around and burrow into our society without any sanction whatsoever. We're getting the sons and grandsons of Joseph Mengele next door and we're fucking smiling about it. And tomorrow they own the town. SMFH.....

Haldol dec im

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