Haldol i.m

I am 28, was in a 8yr relationship, married 4yrs w a baby boy.. I had no idea my hasband was using crystal meth.. In Dec 2012 he started acting up, acusing me of cheating w my sisters husband, saying He Knows I been sleeping with his friends, and he even said our baby boy told him he had Two daddies which made him ask me If our son was his.. I was heartbroken/upset didn’t undestand I just wanted him Out..
He did leave starting this 2013 year- my sister told me he was on that stuff And I was soo Blind to see..
I been reading on google trying to understand what I did wrong Or if I’m the one going crazy..

House begins a detox program at Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital to get the Vicodin out of his system in an attempt to control his hallucinations. House plans to leave the treatment facility once he is clean, but he is strong-armed into staying by his attending physician, Dr. Darryl Nolan. Dr. Nolan agrees to write a recommendation to reinstate House's medical license only if House agrees to further treatment. When House is moved to a new ward in the hospital, he develops a close relationship with his new roommate, Alvie, and Lydia, a frequent visitor who helps House bend the rules. House asks Alvie to help him uncover incriminating information about Dr. Nolan that would allow him to blackmail his way out of the treatment center and convinces Lydia to loan him her car to sneak out a delusional patient in an attempt by House to undermine Dr. Nolan's course of treatment. But when devastating events ensue, House is humbled into reluctantly accepting help. Written by Fox Publicity

Haldol i.m

haldol i.m


haldol i.mhaldol i.mhaldol i.mhaldol i.mhaldol i.m