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I have had a Low body temp, – especially after i exert energy or have a stressful situation, for 10 months now.. about a yr ago, i think i could of had a mental breakdown, due to a long period of stress. i have hashimotos / hypothyroid and have taken synthroid and cytomel and currently trying Armour. Throughout this last yr my symptoms are, low temp, joint pain, severe short term memory problems, brain fog, hair loss, slurred speech, weak, concentration problems, slow body movements, ect… thinking it might be wilsons syndrome… any suggestions? Drs are at a loss…

The above graphs represent averages.  What about grade changes over the last fifty years at individual institutions?  I can show those changes at most schools in our database.  The figure below shows the amount of GPA rise for all schools where we have current data at least 15 years in length (and don’t have confidentiality agreements) and maps it to the number of years we have data for each school. The blue line is the expected amount of GPA rise a school would have if it were a garden-variety grade inflator.  It’s essentially the percent A’s curve of the second figure in terms of GPA, flipped horizontally and then vertically. 

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