Isis steroids equipoise

This is a strong blend of 4 testosterones that will make you very strong with a slight increase in water retention
Sustanon is the popular anabolic steroid on the market with a combination of four different testosterones which is prescribed by doctors as a testosterone replacement therapy. Benefits include muscle mass and strength increase, decrease in body fat. However water retention may increase along with gynecomastia. Effective dosage is 500-2000mg per week with an active life of up to 3 weeks and a detection time of up to 3 months.

Isis pharmaceuticals has a rich heritage in pharmaceutical research and development that has helped place the company on the forefront of hormone replacement therapy. Our products use the principles of bioadhesion and high grade filtration to achieve controlled, sustained delivery of hormones and other compounds that are difficult to administer. Isis Pharmaceuticals products have been commercialized through partnerships and recognition in the pharmaceutical are now a focused drug development company that is set on being the pioneer of a new era of hormonal replacement for the elite athletes.

Isis steroids equipoise

isis steroids equipoise


isis steroids equipoiseisis steroids equipoiseisis steroids equipoiseisis steroids equipoiseisis steroids equipoise