Low t test

The Romans are credited with the invention of the first smoke-free heating system in Western Europe: the hypocaust. Until recently, historians had assumed that its technology was largely lost after the collapse of the Roman Empire. In fact, however, it lived on in large parts of Europe, and was further developed into the “heat storage hypocaust”, an underground furnace on top of which granite stones would be piled, to then release hot air through vents in the floor. By this means, a room could be kept warm for days with just one firing of the hypocaust's furnace. Continue reading "Heat Storage Hypocausts: Air Heating in the Middle Ages" »

Firstly, I convey my heart filled thanks for conducting medicine class on 4th & 5th april. I felt like i received a course of streptokinase which released the block obstructing my progression in NEET. I didnt prepare for last NEET exam but still I was little confident to get eligible. I realised why I was not eligible in last NEET exam through your class. I came to know where i was supposed to concentrate and my areas of weakness. I really liked your way of encouragememt by appreciating even wrong answers. The video in youtube was also very useful, but it seems like a magic to me. I have joined bhatia classes this april only. Got only around 15 books, heard 5 were yet to come, then what about the mini harrison sir.. Am I eligible to get that or i should buy that seperately? Really sorry for making it so long for you to read.

Low t test

low t test


low t testlow t testlow t testlow t testlow t test