Low t weight gain

Hi Kristy,
I also have a GSD. She is around 78 pounds, and we feed her ~ cups of Victor Grain-Free Joint Health Beef Meal and Sweet Potato. She lost weight (which was the desired result because we need to keep her slim due to her hip dysplasia). She’s continuing to eat Victor and has maintained quite nicely.
On the other side, we have a presa canario (around 70 lbs) who has two bad ACLs, and we can’t seem to put any weight on her on the Victor food. We feed her 4-5 cups a day, and she isn’t gaining a pound. (Talk about expensive—especially with three dogs.)
If anyone else can post good experiences about premium dog food that helps dogs gain weight, I’d appreciate it!!

I was slim & in my early 30s when my thyroid ‘packed up’. Back then (early 80s) it took 3 weeks for tests to be processed. When the first test results came back, my GP thought they’d got it wrong as I was ‘too young’. So the process was repeated. The diagnosis/prognosis of a failing thryroid came back again. Weeks later after first presenting with the symptoms, I was put on thyroxin & levels were monitored; sure enough, it packed up completely within the year. (I consider myself lucky to have had such a good GP at the time) However, the weight did start going up for the first time in my life – despite having had 3 children. At one point in the 90s I was on 300 mcg but when I moved home, my new GP cut it to 150 & my weight shot up even further. Because of this, after a while, I increased it myself to 200mcg, which is what I am still on. – & periodic test results come back ‘normal’.

Low t weight gain

low t weight gain


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