Nandrolone esters

Treatment of NZB/NZW F1 (B/W) female and castrated male mice with testosterone or 19-nortestosterone (nandrolone), either by implantation in silastic tubing or by subcutaneous injections of their decanoate esters, reduced in a dose-dependent manner symptoms associated with murine lupus (proteinuria, IgG antibodies to DNA) and prolonged survival. These phenomena were observed under both prophylactic (start at 3-4 weeks) and therapeutic treatments (start 27-29 weeks). Nandrolone and its decanoate ester were at least as potent as testosterone and testosterone decanoate. As the unwanted androgenic properties of nandrolone and its ester are significantly less pronounced than those of testosterone and its ester, also in these NZB/NZW mice, the beneficial effect on murine lupus does not seem to be associated with these properties.

The common side effects of oxymetholone include depression, lethargy, headache, swelling, rapid weight gain, priapism , changes in skin color, urination problems, nausea , vomiting , stomach pain (if taken on an empty stomach), loss of appetite, jaundice , breast swelling in men, feeling restless or excited, insomnia , and diarrhea . [4] In women, side effects also include acne , changes in menstrual periods , deepened voice, hair growth on the chin or chest, male pattern baldness , enlarged clitoris , and changes in sex drive . [4] Because of its 17α-alkylated structure, oxymetholone is highly hepatotoxic . Long term use of the drug can cause a variety of serious ailments, including hepatitis , liver cancer , and cirrhosis ; therefore periodic liver function tests are recommended for those taking oxymetholone. [5]

Nandrolone esters

nandrolone esters


nandrolone estersnandrolone estersnandrolone estersnandrolone estersnandrolone esters