If you're not familiar with what an AT&T cell signal booster (also known as an AT&T cell phone signal booster, AT&T cell phone booster, or AT&T cell booster) is, it's a device that takes the existing outside cell signal, amplifies it, and broadcasts it to the area of your home, office, car, truck, RV or boat that needs better AT&T cell signal. Depending on the AT&T signal booster solution you choose, you may need to decide on the best inside antennas (panel antenna or dome antenna) and outside antennas (omni-directional antenna or yagi directional antenna) for your needs, as well as if you need an easy, plug and play AT&T signal booster or an enterprise level passive DAS AT&T cell booster implementation.

The problem: The clock shows it's past your bedtime, but your mind won't stop racing. If your worries or to-do lists keep you up, or if you don't wake up feeling refreshed, it's hard not to give into the lure of energy drinks the next day. The problem with most energy drinks is the combination of caffeine and sugar are guaranteed to make you crash.

Why it works: Oat straw extract is an all-natural energy booster with no sugar or caffeine , which means no midday crash. Researchers have found oat straw may expand the arteries in your brain so more blood pumps through it, revving brain function.

How to use it: The extract is subtle, so you won't even taste it. Try two teaspoons in your coffee or juice in the morning.

An amazing mineral for masculine health, zinc is used to make testosterone, and also signals for the synthesis of testosterone. Many men don’t get enough. And if you get way too little zinc, you might end up developing man-boobs while experiencing ball shrinkage … making it easy to see why this is so important for test. Read some reviews and you’ll see me freaking out over how awesome zinc is for virility and testosterone. Look for a good form though, like Zinc Gluconate or Zinc Citrate — cheap forms of Zinc are not only less absorbable (and less effective), they tend to have more of its notorious side effects, like stomach upset or tasting metal in your mouth.   Verdict: very positive.


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