Test 400 and eq cycle results

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Yes thank u it just I always done test 400 and EQ and var in cycle I'm naturally walk around is 240 but training I'm at like 225 and that being condition for my fight so I fight heavy weight cuz cutting 20lbs to fight LHW is draining me and here I'm fighting guys that have 20lbs on me I just went with test nandro cuz I was told my body could be use to the test so insted I want to stay lean and decided to mabe add the deca in it but low does and numb up my mg cuz my typical does i would do would just be 400mg of test and 200eq just to stay at weight and be rippedbut now I want to add muscle just with all my cardio it so hard to add even with eating good all day at 6-8 times a day while consuming 170grams of protien in supplements and then getting more protien from food so is it better to see if I'll gain at lease 10lbs of muscle in this type cycle?

Test 400 and eq cycle results

test 400 and eq cycle results


test 400 and eq cycle resultstest 400 and eq cycle resultstest 400 and eq cycle resultstest 400 and eq cycle resultstest 400 and eq cycle results