Testoterone therapy

“[I3C] appears to work in several ways: 1. it facilitates the conversion of estrogen to a less cancer-promoting form, 2. it partially blocks the effects of estrogen on cells, 3. it directly kills or inhibits cancer cells, 4. it reduces levels of free radicals, which can promote cancer by damaging DNA.
Bradlow, HL, Telang NT, Sepkovic DW, Osborne MP, 2-hydroxyestrone: the ‘good’ estrogen, J Endocrinol. 1996 Sep; 150 Supple: 5259-65.

So, that's all good. I rub the ointment in and leave some time before bed, when I add the oily moisturizer. My gynae said the wider area around and up behind my anus was clear, there was just LS along the crease. So I thoroughly rub in a tiny bit straight along that crease. I'm inclined to wonder if good oily stuff isn't just as good as estrogen, but after reading what Dee said on Living with Lichen Sclerosus, I thought I'd see whether I could use a tiny bit without side effects. It wouldn't take much to make me quit.

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Testoterone therapy

testoterone therapy


testoterone therapytestoterone therapytestoterone therapytestoterone therapytestoterone therapy