The only eq chart you'll ever need

Here’s my favorite EQ trick of all:
Let’s say that your snare is making this overtone that you do not care for. Like a combo between a boing and a resonance sound. This undesired sound (if you listen very carefully) makes a note or very close to a note. Hum that note to yourself, then walk over to the piano/keyboard and go up and down the keys until you find the note and octave that you’re humming. Ok, stay with me:
Now that you know which note it is, you look it up on a “musical note frequency chart” like this one:
It tells you the EXACT frequency of your offending overtone/ring on your snare (or whatever sound source you apply this to) and then you simply dip with a very sharp Q that frequency on the snare drum, and that annoying tone has magically disappeared.
If your offending tone is in between two notes, then you might need to sweep between the notes’ respective frequencies to find the problem.
What makes this so great is that you can get rid of your problem without the rest of the track suffering from too much dip.
I got this tip from a Bob Katz video here, and it’s worked wonders for me:

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The only eq chart you'll ever need

the only eq chart you'll ever need


the only eq chart you'll ever needthe only eq chart you'll ever needthe only eq chart you'll ever needthe only eq chart you'll ever needthe only eq chart you'll ever need