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"[These two funds] appear to be the first to explicitly screen out stocks of companies that support LGBT rights, alongside businesses involved in abortion, gambling, alcohol, pornography and terrorism...

Mark Snyder, a spokesman for the Equality Federation, a LGBT rights organisation, was sceptical that interest would be so strong.

“This is out of step with mainstream America, which has embraced non-discriminatory policies and fairness,” Mr Snyder said. “When organisations and fringe activists have attempted to boycott organisations that support LGBT rights it has tended to be ineffective, so I think it probably won’t garner much interest.”

...The corporate world has increasingly embraced the LGBT cause, with companies such as Apple and Goldman Sachs among the biggest supporters of more inclusionary policies, LGBT rights organisations and events like the annual Gay Pride Parade in New York.

As a result they and many others may be excluded from the [new Inspire investment funds]. “Business has been leading the way,” Mr Snyder said. “I feel very confident that the business community is on the side of equality and fairness.”

Inspire is a small investment company based in California focused on “Biblically Responsible Investing” [BRI], a subset of socially responsible investing, which Mr Netzly said “mostly caters to liberal values”.

The company uses a scoring system it calls the Inspire Impact Score to grade companies and select them for inclusion in its underlying BRI index and the ETFs [investment funds] a methodology that removes any companies with “any degree of participation” in activities that “do not align with biblical values”...

Inspire donates half its profits to charities, including those supporting Syrian refugees and clean water initiatives in Africa, but its screens exclude companies like Apple, Starbucks and others that “take a hardline, activist line” on gay rights, according to Mr Netzly.

“BRI is an investing approach that seeks to ensure that a Christian is investing in a way that is consistent with the moral standards of the Bible . . . BRI products, through their excluding, engaging and endorsing activities, help Christian investors maintain their integrity and responsibility to biblical stewardship while actively investing in the stock market,” the company’s website says."

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Things that raise testosterone

things that raise testosterone


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