Weight gain on testosterone

Many of us are spending prolonged periods of time sitting, either at our desks or while we binge-watch Netflix. And experts are saying this can lead to an increased risk of heart disease and cancer, as well as early death—regardless of whether you still carve out time to exercise. In fact, a report published in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that those who concentrate their workouts into a single session and spend the rest of the day sitting are susceptible to the same negative health risks as those who don't work out at all, including regaining all that hard-lost weight. Yikes. According to experts, when you sit all day at your desk, the bulging biceps and washboard abs you worked so hard to build at the gym begin to break down. This slows your resting metabolism and can make it harder to maintain your weight loss goals.

Fix it: If you suspect you are gaining weight that you can't attribute to your eating habits, medications, or lack of exercise, a few tests—including a blood test and urinalysis, to get an accurate check of your body's cortisol levels, will give your doctor the first clues to this condition. If the levels are deemed excessively high, then your doctor will order further tests, like a CT scan of your pituitary and adrenal glands, to determine if such a tumor exists. If the tumor is confirmed, doctors will likely perform surgery to remove the tumor (and possibly the affected gland), followed by a course of steroids to help regulate the remaining gland. (Could you have a thyroid problem? Find out here .)

Weight gain on testosterone

weight gain on testosterone


weight gain on testosteroneweight gain on testosteroneweight gain on testosteroneweight gain on testosteroneweight gain on testosterone