What is male testosterone

Benzophenone-3 ( Table 2 ). Male adolescents in the 3rd and 4th quartiles of BP-3 had significantly lower TT [–%; 95% confidence interval (CI): –%, –%; and –%; 95% CI: –%, –%, respectively, based on model 1] than males in the lowest quartile. Although the association was strongest for the 3rd quartile, the overall trend was significant ( p -trend = ). This pattern of associations persisted following adjustment for BPA, TCS, and ΣPAR (model 2). In female adolescents, TT was significantly higher for girls in the second versus first quartile of BP-3 exposure, but positive associations were closer to the null and nonsignificant for the 3rd and 4th quartiles of exposure ( p -trend ). Associations were similar after adjustment for BPA, TCS, and ΣPAR, but no longer significant for quartile 2. There were no significant associations between TT and BP-3 in male or female children, and no evidence of consistent trends with increasing quartiles of exposure.

Salivary testosterone concentrations were measured in male and female members of four heterosexual couples on a total of 11 evenings before and after sexual intercourse and 11 evenings on which there was no intercourse. Testosterone increased across the evening when there was intercourse and decreased when there was none. The pattern was the same for males and females. Early evening measured did not differ on the two kinds of days, suggesting that sexual activity affects testosterone more than initial testosterone affects sexual activity.

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What is male testosterone

what is male testosterone


what is male testosteronewhat is male testosteronewhat is male testosteronewhat is male testosteronewhat is male testosterone